The History of Hamme Associates

In 1900, Mr. John B. Hamme opened an office in the city of York, Pennsylvania for
the pursuit of the profession of Architecture, and his practice continued uninterruptedly
until his virtual retirement in 1945 at which time his son and partner, J. Alfred Hamme
assumed full responsibility for the administration of the firm.  After a lengthy period of
service as a sole proprietorship, the firm was reorganized in 1963 as a partnership with
Mr. Hamme and various associates.  At that time, the firm was known as J. Alfred
Hamme and Associates, with Walter M. Zarfoss, Clifton B Barnhart, George Roth,
John C. Gilbert, Stanley Snyder,  W. Stanford Baer and Baird P. Krecker as
associates and continued to operate in that manner until the death of Mr. Hamme,
after which the firm name was changed to Hamme Associates.  In 1992, the firm
was again reorganized with John Gilbert and Barry L. Harding, Registered Architects
assuming responsibility in all operations of the company.
    Since the founding of the firm, at the turn of the century, we have produced
significant architecture by combining talent, creative ability, practical knowledge
and understanding of the building process.   With combined knowledge and stability
earned through more than one hundred years of experience and with the ability and know-how
to design and engineer buildings as modern as today - as forward looking as tomorrow.
     Since the success of any firm can be measured by the character, training and
personality of its personnel, we believe that years of successful experience is the
touchstone that more than any other factor assures the Owner a successful building investment.
    Our staff of specialized consultants, architects and engineers offers this experience.
    Our operation is amply qualified to carry through on any project, large or small,
from rough site to finished building with the same exacting attention to every detail
that has earned us the increasing respect of our clients since the turn of the century. 
During its many years of active architectural practice, the firm has earned a professional
reputation of which, with all humility, it is justifiably proud.  To those familiar with the
firm and its methods of operation, the unqualified opinion is that its success is due
to continual effort to give the client, regardless of the size of his project, a full and
complete service.  Each member of the firm shares the belief that all architecture
and engineering must be done on an individual basis; that mass production and assembly
line methods cannot be defended; that only by close attention and complete investigation of the
client’s very problem can he receive the type service to which the payment of his fee entitles him.
    Although the office of Hamme Associates has a varied background in architecture,
the majority of commissions have been with churches, schools and institutions of higher
learning.  Among the hundreds of churches designed by this office, you will find many
denominations represented by structures located in Pennsylvania, Maryland,
West Virginia, Virginia, New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.
    With commercial and industrial design, our work includes Office Buildings,
Shopping Centers, Hotel/Motels, Super Markets, Convenience Stores, Banks,
Manufacturing Facilities, Warehousing, Distribution Centers, Auto Dealerships,
Retail and Commercial Spaces, and Historic Preservation Work.  We have also
completed Public Projects for State, County and Local Authorities.
       Basic to our philosophy of operation, as trained professionals, is the belief that
exacting attention must be given to every detail of construction from schematic to
contract drawings in order that the end result will be a building sensibly and
economically planned, intelligently engineered and aesthetically satisfying.
      Our firm has enjoyed a healthy growth based on a conscientious endeavor
and single-minded purpose to render a superior service.  We are justly proud of
this record and intend to continue our practice with the highest type of creative
design consistent with sound construction and integrity to our client.

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